Your journey

Reducing domestic abuse

No matter your past experiences or wellbeing challenges, we can help you to overcome your barriers.

We are here to support your journey towards a better and brighter future. Our teams will guide you in developing your skills and confidence, and help you to overcome the barriers that are holding you back.

Depending on which services you are using, we can help you:

  • Move towards and into work
  • Find a suitable place to live
  • Manage your health and wellbeing
  • Set goals and make them happen

Together, we can help you to make long-lasting changes so you’re better able and equipped to achieve your life ambitions.

Helping Sally to build a better future

“The support I received on the women’s programme has helped me to get to where I am now. I’m no longer drinking or in debt. I am caring for my children and working full-time. I’m happy and fulfilled.”

Former service user

Join us at a CFO Activity Hub

A voluntary programme where you learn skills and take part in enjoyable activities.

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